About Me...

Hi there,

Thanks for caring and wondering about the "backstory" on me.  Simply put - I am a complete mess that God turned into a message. :-)  I love God and I am SO thankful He loves me.  Now with that said, here is a little more... 

My life is a dream...


I married an incredible woman 16 years ago - Natalie.  Seriously, I am a very lucky/blessed dude. I can't believe she married ME!  She is a super godly, loving, and compassionate woman.  I also have 3 FABULOUS children: Kylie, Josiah, and Jazzlyn. My kids rock and I love hangin' with them. 


I am the Senior Pastor of Impact Church in North Scottsdale.  I am still learning what, "exactly", that means.  Best I can tell - it means that I get to work with an amazing staff - and be friends with some of the most amazing church-goers I've ever been around.  I love our church. 

I am the team pastor/chaplain for the Phoenix Suns.  See more about this on the "Phoenix Suns" page - but simply put - I pastor the Suns Team.

I am the Spring Training Pastor/Chaplain for the Major League Oakland A's.  They Spring Train in Phoenix and when they're here - I hold Chapel Services in the dugout with the players... 


I have 2 degrees...A Bachelor of Science in Communication and an Associate of Arts in Business. I also received my ministry license from Global University.


I really enjoy...

  • Going on dates with my wife (iPic & True Food are bomb.com)
  • Watching my kids play sports
  • Playing basketball
  • Vacationing to Newport Beach, CA and LOVE the Ocean
  • Meeting new people
  • Hanging out with family friends
  • Riding Sea Doos
  • Riding Quads
  • Listening to Impact Worship
  • Buying and selling cars (love driving stuff different all the time)

There you have it...the behind-the-scenes of my life.


The Fam






My Fam...

Natalie - My woman, my babe  & my soulmate!

KASH - Kylie Andrea Sierra Hearn - Gorgeous & Godly

JT Hearn - Josiah Travis Hearn - Handsome & Holy

Jazzy Hearn - Jazzlyn Grace Hearn - Runs the Family

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